Note to Self: You Have Everything You Need

Isn't it crazy that we talk ourselves out of reaching our full potential? A positive thought will land in our minds about a task we want to complete, a business we want to start, a product we want to create and it makes us smile. Then, before that smile can reach it's full positioning, self-doubt starts to rain on those ideas and soon enough we push them to the back of our minds and file them under unattainable. This cycle can continue for years but I am so happy to let you know that you possess everything inside of you to birth those ideas.

I started the Note to Self Series to not only encourage you, but to encourage myself. This idea came to me two years ago but I created a case against it in my mind and thought of all the ways that it would not work. This year has placed me on a path leading to an increased progressive state of being and a more cognizant sense of self. It was on that path that Note to Self kept landing in my spirit and I decided that I would just go. Not thinking, not second guessing, just creating and moving with the understanding that my intentions will position me in a space of personal evolution which will in turn, be used to benefit humanity.

My apparel serves as a reminder to move freely and to be an active co-creator for the positive changes that you want to see in your life. Thank you for supporting.


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